We are the leading Agency in Social Media Marketing and Search Engines Marketing with an uncontrollable passion for leads generation.

Our Mission

We help companies of any size manage social networks, find new customers and maintain current ones, manage communities on the internet, to promote products, services, offers, events, etc… in the best channel, at the best time of the best day and only to interested people. We specialize in paid advertising campaigns on Social Media and Google Ads.



Individualized Online Marketing Strategies. From analysis of your situation to tactics.We use multichannel systems like clear and short, impactful videos. Intended for advertising campaigns on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram or email marketing: A powerful weapon in these times: we generate interest to your contacts.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

We use internal analytics to create ad campaigns for different audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network and Google AdWords. We currently reach more than one million people every day in 14 different nations using Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Google AdWords and making ads in Spanish, English, German, Italian, French and Russian.


Geographic, sociodemographic, psychographic and behavioural. We know what, how, when and where. We focus only on people potentially interested in your service. We analyse the behaviour of users based on age, purchasing power and their relationships. We chose the right days to create campaigns, based on the weather, the day of the month and specific schedules.

Social Media Management

We know all social networks perfectly. We know which channel is the most adapted to your product or service. We work the art of understanding exactly what your customers need thanks to our content marketing.


We analyse the data obtained by the campaigns and based on the results we perform. We monitor your competition, calculate ROI, we gathered with you and show you the results of your advertising scope and decide how to continue forward.

Lead Generation

Is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest is you company’s product or service. Our objective is, therefore, to transform that user into a real contact and convert it into a potential customer. We use different channel, in 1st and 2nd level, to organize our digital Leads generation campaigns.

Lead Nurturing

Convert the user’s interest into a sale. We manage the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage and through every step of the buyer’s journey. We know that, on average, 50% of the leads in any system are not yet ready to buy and almost 80% of new leads never become sales. We help companies of any size to organize an effective lead nurturing system.

Customer Behaviour

Analysis of consumer’s preference, Traffic funnelling, Behavioural stages & Analysis Behaviour Flow, check of Marketing KPIs

Girasola: one name, many guarantees

We respond to 100% of our customers’ messages on the same day, we control all advertising campaigns every day of the week: 100% of our customers recommend us.



nations where we show the ads of our customers

+ 1.000.000

million people reached every day


the languages with which we work


is the average number of the daily campaigns we manage


Although we travel a lot to meet our clients, our base is in Mallorca and we have our head office in Palmanova.

Great professionals!

Martín, Sales Manager, Land Rover

Always ready, first-class professionals.

Miquel, Sales Manager, Triumph

They manage our campaigns with care and professionalism.

Nicolás, CEO, 5StarsHome

The most professional Company i have worked with

Danny, CEO, The Academy

A great team that manages everything quickly and efficiently!

Ale, CEO, group Il Tano

Very happy with Girasola with real results in terms of sales.

Sandra, Marketing Director, Office Solutions

If you want to have an impact on social networks for your business, you are in the best hands. After many other Companies, that’s my agency!

Tolo, CEO, Royal Beach

Girasola’s team has been punctual, attentive and impeccable from the beginning, listening to our professional needs and transforming them into an effective strategy. They have helped us grow our company, with their kindness and professionalism. Highly recommended for those who want to increase their ROI.

Isabella, Marketing Director, MR Digital

Definitely best professionals in marketing I’ve met since I open my own business.
They helped and keep helping me to boost my business in the best way, with knowledge and skills!

Stefano, CEO, LAB

They started by wanting to know my business and then they designed the most suitable digital strategy for me, until the punctual execution, in line with my objectives and always attentive to ROI. Professional and always available, I do not know what else you could want.

Emanuele, CEO, Speech.it

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